Entry #2

Updated "Omnipotence" and new stuff coming up

2009-12-25 15:38:11 by GamerXtreme

"Blah, blah, blah, new stuff coming up, blah, blah, blah...", you'd say.

Yeah I know. But understand that I am still trying to get through with my difficulties with FL Studio, ok?
I'm no pro at all, I'm I'm certainly no master composer.

Anyways, I've updated my "Omnipotence" demo yesterday and I should say, It might sound better to some, and worse to others. Sounds better to me, deal with it! xD

Again, I remind you that I am always around FL Studio trying to do some stuff and I prommise to deliver a new song by the end of January. Signing off, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 to everyone! =)



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2010-04-30 00:19:13

(gasp) No new song! What's the matter? Are you not satisfied with it yet? Look at your Omnipotence demo. Sure it hasn't gotten that much attention, but it still held an average of 4.08/5. So is there some problems you'd rather not discuss or is the new submission not ready yet?

(Updated ) GamerXtreme responds:

Whoa... Sorry for the late-as-hell reply, Yedle, but the combination of the following facts has made me unable to respont to your comment, as well as to deliver the song:

- I've been having a serious problem with my internet connection for a BIG while
(Details are irrelevant for discussion)

- Plus, I'm camping with my parents until the end of August, I've had the opportunity to post this reply from a friend's house near the camping site. ^^

-...and I guess a little unsatisfaction with the newly produced song would rank a distant thind reason. There's always something which must be improved...

Anyway, thank you for your concern, no need to be gasping xD, and have a nice Summer vacation =)



2013-01-27 16:13:48

Almost three years and nothing new. Not even a hint. :(

GamerXtreme responds:

Hello again Yedle! Terribly sorry, but I'm afraid circumstances changed since three years ago.
My school life has taken over most of my spare time, being the remainder of it taken for rehearsals for my bands (yes, more than one! :P) as well as the recordings for the debut album of one of them. I've been trying to come up with original material of my own, quite different in genre and overall sound from what my first Omnipotence demo sounds like, but finding the time, as well as inspiration for such, qualify as the hardest of tasks. I'd also like to underline my wholehearted appreciation for your concern, for it is what keeps me wanting to (try to) create more and more, though not being well known in the community (understandable, I guess). In the moment there is a song in the forge, waiting to come out, unrelated to the previous one due to reasons involving loss of data from my old desktop PC... Keep an eye out for my next upload! I'm serious this time ;)



2013-09-18 23:55:43

Real life stuff is understandable. In the mean time, I'll be watching.